Professional Experience

"You can always count on Mesha to get things done. And fast! She's a power player."

- Vincent Phillips, Esq

  • Speech Writer to former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Dr. Helene Gayle, on public health challenges


  • Founder of Little Voyages, an immersion language school teaching children foreign languages, world cultures, and art


  • Founder of Junior Business League ®, teaching youth entrepreneurship, trades and skills, volunteerism, social and political advocacy, personal finance, and generational wealth


  • Founder of Infinite Wellness & Rehabilitation, d.b.a Infinite Homecare, homecare and outpatient physical therapy practice specializing in senior care


  • Center Director at Emory Healthcare leading the Outpatient Rehabilitation program managing human resources, annual budgets, state & federal safety regulations, customer care experiences, state & federal government compliance laws, and state worker's compensation programs.


  • Doctoral education and recent run for Atlanta City Council during the 2019 special election grew her love for:
    • Public policy
    • Strategic community-driven tiered collaborations
    • Civic engagement practices among diverse citizens
    • Small business organization and capacity development
    • Voting rights legislation and practices
    • Constitutional laws that negatively impact human rights
    • Equitable education opportunities for underserved children