Mesha Mainor, Ph.D. Candidate, MPT, SDN, CCIP

Doctoral Studies: Human Services & Nonprofit Leadership

Physical Therapist: Georgia license to practice since 2000

Speech Writer to former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Dr. Helene Gayle: Research and scholarly writing on public health challenges for journal publications, congressional testimonies, UN presentations, CDC presentations, and talking points for radio & film appearances

Founder of Little Voyages: Immersion language school and specialty camp services teaching children foreign languages, world cultures, and art

Founder of Junior Business League ®: Youth organization teaching entrepreneurship, skilled trades, volunteerism, social & political advocacy, and personal finance

Founder of Infinite Wellness & Rehabilitation, d.b.a Infinite Homecare: Homecare and outpatient physical therapy practice specializing in senior care


Little Voyages

Youth Advocacy

Foreign Languages


Technology & Robotics

Art & Culture

Environment 101

Pre-Coding Games

Field Trips

Junior Business League ®

Youth Empowerment


STEAM  & Technology


Generational Wealth

Social Advocacy

Personal Finance

Art & Culture

Field Trips


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Physical Therapy

Geriatric Care Management

Home Healthcare

Senior Fitness Programs

Corporate Physical Therapy

Ergonomics & Industrial Rehab

Insurance Audits & Expert Witness

Health Lectures & Community Forums

Home Safety Inspections

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Unless people have basic needs met, it is impossible to fully ascend to the next level of needs.  District 56 residents cover all spectrums of the hierarchy.  I will meet each resident where they are on the scale of needs providing resources and information to ensure your constitutional and God-given liberties are granted.

Social Advocacy Consultant

🇺🇸 Civic Engagement 🇺🇸 Town Halls 🇺🇸 Campaigns 🇺🇸 Business Plans 🇺🇸 Event Planning 🇺🇸 Environment 🇺🇸 Re-entry Citizens 🇺🇸 Veterans 🇺🇸 Women's Rights 🇺🇸 Youth Empowerment 🇺🇸 Strategic Collaborations 🇺🇸 Safe Drinking Water 🇺🇸 Renewable Energy 🇺🇸 Historic Preservation 🇺🇸 Geneology & Ancestry 🇺🇸 Voting Rights 🇺🇸  Human Rights 🇺🇸 Government Transparency 🇺🇸 Technology & Robotics Workforce Training 🇺🇸 Senior & Veteran Rights 🇺🇸 Public Health 🇺🇸Housing 🇺🇸 Urban Agriculture🇺🇸