Georgia's Economy

Your representative votes on your behalf about the economy & your wallet.

Your representative votes on the GA tax code.

Georgia almost lost it's reign as Hollywood of the South because representatives voted to take a woman's right to choose away from her.  The bill was later overturned in the judicial branch.

Educating Youth & Unemployed Adults


  • The World Economic Forum reports human jobs WILL BE REPLACED with artificial intelligence, and Georgia will not be able to keep up with the demand. We will be dependent on international students to match our supply demands.


  • How do we fix this?  We need to revolutionize the current Georgia teaching curriculum.  Urban and rural schools are not performing at the minimal standards required to be considered progressive.


  • Other issues facing families include homelessness, poverty, human trafficking, mental health issues, unstable housing options,  violence, and simple boredom.


  • District 56 is home to several colleges and universities, including Georgia Institute for Technology.  The latest Civic Report, Rethinking Education examines solutions and the Harvard Business School cites how to make America competitive.



🇺🇸 Forget the idealisms and segregational thoughts of yesterday 🇺🇸

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