Isn’t She Lovely

This is Shirley Mainor.  My beautiful mother.  I get my smile from her, and my love of caring for others.  She taught me how to imagine.  If I wanted to try an activity, she always said yes.  I even got away with playing the cello for a little bit!  She demanded that I complete my homework as soon as I got home.  And I couldn't do anything else until my homework was done. 🤔

In my youthful cleverness, this made me want to complete my entire book of assignments for the year (quickly) so I wouldn't have to do homework when I got home.  Instead, I ended up being ahead and the teacher advanced me to the next level of assignments.  In turn, I was excited I was ahead of everyone.  I felt the accomplishment and then became eager and unbothered to complete homework assignments from then on.

Thank you, Mom!

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