Vote for Mesha Mainor

Physical Therapist. Educator. Ph.D. Candidate. Business Owner. Mother.

I help people every day.  This is my job today, and tomorrow.


1) Family Safety

2) Jobs & Education

3) Infrastructure

4) Environment

Georgians, I will always put you 1ST

Domestic violence affects women, men, and children.  Gun violence is not "normal."  Violence is a cycle rooted in economics, mental health, and/or education.  I will hold the law accountable for protecting you and your rights. In addition to protecting your rights and the environment, I support:

  • Progressive business models to accelerate the economy
  • Bipartisan solutions to promote real change
  • Historic preservation
  • Sustainable wages and jobs in technology
  • Mental health and homeless funding
  • Supporting art, culture, and the humanities
  • ** Creating a state-wide agriculture urban-rural student exchange
  • Seniors and veterans as high-priority populations
  • Improving civic engagement to celebrate diversity
  • Reducing student debt
  • Increasing extra-curricular funding to schools in blighted communities
  • ** Creating a high-school to the public- service state pipeline program


Business & Education: Allocating funds to communities

Small business development

STEAM "Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math"

Agriculture-based workforce development programs  

Make sure your voice is heard and state dollars come to your community! 

Click here to see the FY2020 GA Budget.


Our children deserve resources that make them competitive with children in other countries.  Other countries teach (multiple) languages and have surpassed our highest technology standards.

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, developing robots to replace surgeons.

See how Georgia schools are ranked here.  📌

Celebrating Georgia Diversity